About Us

KOI-CBD dot Com is a quarterly publication specializing in technological advancements, business innovations, and popular culture pertaining to the marijuana industry. We are enhancing consumer awareness, reducing societal stigma, and fostering a culture of acceptance, responsibility, and inventiveness within the cannabis community.
KOI-CBD dot Com is a quarterly publication specializing in the technical and scientific advancements surrounding the cannabis community. Our focus on sustainability, health, and science sets us apart from the competition. We are dedicated to adding our insights to the ever-evolving anthology of information pertaining to the study of cannabis. As American society embraces the idea of cannabis as a part of everyday life, KOI-CBD dot Com will broaden horizons and encourage advancements in sustainable growing practices, THC health innovations and studies, cannabis entrepreneurship, and medical science.

KOI-CBD dot Com is US premier publication for everything related to the business of marijuana, including technology, innovation, expansion, science, and medicine. End your search for an education about cannabis oil, terpenes, trichomes, strains, seeds, stocks, news, dispensaries, tinctures, clubs, and edibles. Are you curious about marijuana butter, legalization, legislation, states with legalized marijuana, medical marijuana, or how long marijuana stays in your system? What about Trump’s stance on cannabis? Or where are the best dispensaries and how can you find the best deals? KOI-CBD dot Com has the answers